Station Separation – KOMO, KJR

kjr_komo_seperation_folderIn 1945 KOMO and KJR separated operations and ownership. To understand the history behind this relationship you should click on this link and read John Shneider’s article about the history of KJR. The scanned documents in the folder labeled Station Separation – KOMO, KJR, mostly deal with inventory, floor space and engineering staffing. However it does take you back to 1945.There was some discussion with Presto a manufacture of record cutting heads, trying to figure out what went where.

I grouped the documents the best I could taking in to account date and subject.


Interesting documentation on the inventory at KJR-KOMO back in 1945. again I have grouped things the best I could. The file was in no particular order. First off is a hand written inventory.

Hand written inventory undated
transmitter parts undated
Memo on separation of remote control
Remote equipment inventory October 30 and 31, 1945
Memo on Pipe Organ and other stuff 10-12-1945

Bellow are how the inventory got split up. There are 3 inventories. I have tried to group inventories to memo.

This Memo dated November 25, 1946 outlines the split of equipment and goes with
this inventory sheet 1 or there was this inventory sheet 2 also. Take your pick

Final Split inventory memo 3-23-47
Inventory Sheet final split

Engineering equipment needed to replace memo 1-14-47
Discrepancy memo 10-18-47

Where is the missing cutting head?? Looks like they lost rack of a cutting head and were contacting Presto about it. The memos are bellow followed by scans of the credit/invoices from Presto and one from Seattle Radio supply.

Letters to/from Presto
Presto credit/invoices
Seattle Radio Supply