And yes KOMO had an FM frequency 98.9 KOMO FM. But that’s a story in the making you will find below.

KOMO Featured in RCA Broadcast News

KOMO was featured in RCA Broadcast News October 1948. Showcasing the new studio installation in Seattle for AM and FM broadcasting. You can learn a little more about KOMO FM bellow. The new studios featured many new RCA consoles and even an RCA FM transmitter. Also featured the issue is the new transmitter installation for KOMO AM’s 50,000 watt transmitter also made by RCA. While at the KOMO AM transmitter on Vashon Island I found actual prints from the RCA Broadcasting News issue, I have posted the photos below and the link to hi-resolution blow ups so you can see the old equipment in it’s new glory. Before new studio facility was built KOMO shared studio space with KJR in the Skinner building. See Station Separation – KOMO-KJR for an actual floor plan of the Skinner building shared studio location and some more interesting radio history.

Here is the link to the Article form 1948 from RCA Broadcasting News featuring KOMO
Below are the photos I found. Can you figure out which pages they are from? When you click on a photo they open up in a new window at a much better resolution so you really can see the details. Just close the window to return.

KOMO LobyKOMO Studio hallKOMO_Outside Studiolr

KOMO_Camand boothlrKOMO_Master4lr





If you have ever been to the KOMO AM transmitter site you know the towers are not in the right position. This image was made from two negatives, an early photo shop job.















































You can see the KOMO AM transmitter site in it’s current well maintained condition. The old RCA is still there. Click here to see it 



KOMO FM 98.9

KOMOFM_TowerYes there was a KOMO FM at 98.9 on your FM dial. It was featured in an RCA publication as a Salute to KOMO for installing lots of state of the art RCA equipment. You can view a PDF of the issue on the americanradiohistory.com website where I have lost many hours browsing all there is to see on that site. Here is a link to that RCA Broadcast News, dated October, 1948. When you read the article you will see the FM transmitter in the street level floor plan on page 11, the FM transmitter can be seen on page 17 in the back ground of the KOMO-control room. The transmitter can also be seen on page 38 and 39 mention in Fig 9. So read about the KOMO studios and KOMO FM.

And if that was not enough to the left you see a publication from September 1, 1950 with a picture of the KOMO FM tower at 4th AVE. http://nwradiohistory.com/wp-content/pdf/komo/Electronic_world_sept_1_50.pdf

Here is an application for KOMO FM to move to Queen Anne hill.