KEVR goes 10kw

The original engineering and I mean Original hand written notes of Jim Hatfield from 1945 for moving KEVR Seattle to a new transmitter location on Vashon Island with a much improved 10,000 watt directional signal. These original notes are for a location just 1 mile from the present location of the 1090 transmitter site on Maury Island. The original location for these notes was moved about 1 mile northeast, to the current location. This was done because the overall height of the towers above sea level would be 712 feet. This was done out of concern for air traffic. The current sight lowered the height of the towers due to a lower elevation and allowed for the same basic design.

There are also hand written notes on the amended application for the current site at the original 10KW DA. Those are still being scanned.

Original hand written engineering for KEVR 10KW DA
Contour Maps – Map three shows the original location KEVR wanted to move.
KEVR Population Notes on improved coverage.